Real Estate Investors: How to Ensure You Find the Right Long-Term Tenants

Find the right long-term tenants

Screening potential long-term tenants is crucial for real estate investors for several reasons. You want to find reliable tenants who will take good care of your properties, causing fewer damages and disturbances. Good tenants take better care of the property they are renting, meaning they are less likely to cause damages or make excessive demands for repairs.

5 Critical Questions for Successful Real Estate Investing

5 questions for real estate investing

Real estate investing is a fantastic way to replace your income, build your wealth, and build financial independence, yet many hesitate to jump in and get started. Here are some of the common questions I am asked, along with tips on how you too, can take advantage of this opportunity.

Replace Your Income through Smart Real Estate Investing

Brian Boyd real estate attorney

Tax attorney, Brian Boyd, is a real estate investor who has amassed a growing portfolio of 18 short-term and long-term rentals. His new book, Replace Your Income, is for aspiring and beginner real estate rental investors who want to build wealth.

How to Make Real Estate Investing Work for You

real estate investing blog

Whether you are looking to earn some extra income through renting, are interested in the tax benefits that come with owning real estate, or you want to work towards replacing the income from your day job, having a strategy and a plan for successful real estate investing is critical. There are several different strategies to […]