Replace Your Income

Replace Your Income: Guide to Real Estate Investing

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Real estate serves us all in so many ways. It can build generational wealth, it can provide financial independence, and it can provide a home to those that cannot afford to buy — or who choose not to. It can also be your legacy to others, in that you “left it better than you found it” and helped others along the way. Investing in real estate is good for you and good for those you serve.

Replace Your Income will help aspiring and beginner real estate rental investors to:

  • Decide what type of real estate to invest in
  • Find rental properties worth owning
  • Calculate the potential return on your investment
  • Build the right team to help your business grow
  • Expand your portfolio quickly


Having amassed a growing portfolio of 18 short-term and long-term rentals, Brian Boyd shares what he has learned along the way. His goal is to help shortcut your path to real estate wealth and navigate the inevitable challenges that come with real estate investing.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income through renting, you’re interested in the tax benefits that come with owning real estate, or you want to work towards replacing the income from your day job, this book will show you how!

free bonuses

Free Bonuses

When you order the book and complete the form below, you’ll receive the following free bonuses that will help you jump-start your real estate investing business. These are forms I use for every single one of my properties, and as a lawyer, I have fine-tuned them to make sure my assets and my business are protected.

  1. Rental Application for properly screening all of your potential tenants. 
  2. Lease Agreement that clearly defines tenant and landlord responsibilities, and addresses the rules, policies, and conflict resolution procedures for living in the rental property.
  3. Move-In / Move-Out Condition Report, to help you differentiate between pre-existing damage and damage caused by the tenant during the rental term.


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